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About Panaché

After having a myriad exposure in the corporate world heading the service vertical, had an innate passion to empower women and create an awareness on the magic of beauty and wellness.

Panaché was evolved keeping in mind the growing need of a modern Indianwoman offering a plethora of beauty and grooming services. Woman today believes in herself and is the epitome of beauty and elegance and “Panaché” is here to enhance this aura. Our dream is to be the facilitator for every woman to achieve her own definition of beauty and grace.

Panaché is Kochi’s premium beauty and hair care lounge dedicated to provide high quality services in an atmosphere where youwill experience splendour. A team of experienced staff will develop and enhance the magic called beauty which exists in each one of us. If you are beautiful we will enhance your beauty, if you think you are not we will make you discover beauty.

Panaché will help you unravel the hidden beauty which you were not aware of ……